Curly Hair Diaries: Damaged Hair Treatment

When I started my hair journey I honestly thought it was going to be me just putting away all my straighteners and curlers, but it wasn’t that easy, my hair had a lot of heat damage which meant a lot of work to be done here. When I say heat damaged I mean like my hair looked as if I had straightened it and had a few crimps type of damaged, not even wavy, pure damage done. Yes, I would’ve just put away my heat tools but my hair needed more than that, it needed deep treatments! I knew I had to restore all the loss protein back into my damaged hair, so that’s when I began my egg protein treatments. Egg treatments help strengthen brittle hair & help stop breakage while repairing split ends. It took me awhile to get into the swing of things when I first began, egg treatment here, coconut treatment there, sulfate free products, so much to keep up with…like can I just wash my hair and live my life?

Follow the steps below to help your rizos (curls)!

What you’ll Need:
1 Egg (number will depend on length of your hair)
3 Tbsp of 100% Honey
1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Oil


Mix all together! 
Before putting in the mask, make sure hair is clean. I prefer to have my hair damped with my conditioner not rinsed out all the way so the application is easier for me. You can put in the mask with dry or damped hair.
Best of luck on your journey!
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