Curly Hair Diaries: My Journey to Healthy Hair

So about a year ago I decided to try my best to use as little heat to no heat as possible and boy was that hard! My hair was so terribly damaged by heat and hair dye that wearing it natural was crazy to me (as you can see above in the first picture. Yep, that my friends was my natural hair with no heat, EW!) I began my journey by unplugging every hot tool I owned & putting those babies away! It was so hard not to want to straighten my hair. I even stored my brushes because brushes=frizz & breakage. I had my fingers to work with and a comb in the shower to detangle if need be. I followed the curly girl method through my whole journey. I began using sulfate free shampoos, treatments weekly, rinsed hair with cold water, microfiber towels & t-shirts to dry my hair, & began using all Shea Moisture hair products. Trust me, I was on a mission! The Coconut & Hibiscus line by Shea Moisture is still my go to line of products for my hair.

About a month into my journey I started seeing results, my girlfriends started complementing my hair and curls started forming. Aaaaaaah, best feeling ever, I knew what I was doing was working! Shown above/below are progress pictures (first picture being in 2012 when I was heat and dye crazy). I really began my “no heat journey” around October 2013 (top second and third pictures). January 2014 (first bottom picture) was when I really saw major change in my curl pattern. I still had straight ends in some areas but for the most part my hair was curly! In January 2014 was also when I decided to trim my ends. (I know, I know you all are probably thinking I should’ve done that from the get-go when I began my journey but I was still stuck in the length of my hair and not having healthy hair).

The last picture shown above was this past weekend (not fully dried). My hair is curly from root to tip now. Today, I still do my coconut treatments weekly and use the same Shea Moisture products from when I began. I have tried other products but they just don’t leave my hair the way I like it when styling it. I have dyed my hair for the summer (I don’t regret it as I love my hair light) but I definitely do deep treatments weekly because my hair is dyed. To all my curly girls or ladies with damaged hair, have patience! It will take time, but c’mon #CurlyGirlsDoItBetter! I hope you all get inspired and let your curls live!
Happy healthy curls = happy life!


  • Reply Stephanie April 20, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    Hi, ji have the same problem I used to straighten my hair for a whole winter even summer really damaged my hair my curls went away and I want them back so bad please help me what are the steps that you did and what we’re the products used.

    • Reply Leyla April 21, 2016 at 12:57 pm

      Hi Stephanie,

      I started with using all the products from the Shea Moisture’s coconut and hibiscus line.
      1. Be sure you are using a sulfate free shampoo too.
      2. Detangle your hair with coconut oil and leave it in your hair min. of 30 mins once a week. I sometimes sleep with it overnight and let my hair absorb the good stuff and proceed with washing it and then styling my hair.
      3. Once a month, do the egg protein treatment
      Check back with me in 6 weeks and lmk how it went, good luck! <3

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