DIY: Dipped in Gold Office Desk

If you read my last post (here) you know I’ve been inspired to create my own office space: One, because I need a home office badly and second, because Pinterest will inspire you to get a little creative, don’t you think? Friday evening, my boyfriend and I went to IKEA looking for the table from one of the inspo pictures I posted. Side note: Brian (my bf) has NEVER been to IKEA, I couldn’t even believe it when he told me that, so you know I was extra excited to take him with me. I decided to go with a table rather than an actually desk with cabinets, drawers, etc. I like the simplicity of a white table instead of something looking too bulky. I went with the LINNMON table in flat white & ADILS legs, also in white. *Table Size: 47 1/4×23 5/8”*

I spray painted the four legs gold to give my table a little bit of life!
It was so windy out this weekend, so I had to paint inside.
I used old wood I had laying around and a window screen. I placed nails inside the screen so that the legs wouldn’t roll over while painting. Spray paint the side facing you and after the first coat, carefully turn the legs over to the other side, and repeat.

Apply your second coat after giving the first coat 5-10 minutes to dry. Once the job is complete wait 45 minutes before attaching the legs to the table.

Screw on the leg attachments below before attaching the legs on, makes things easier.

Screw all four legs onto the leg attachments and you are done! 
Stay tuned for my office tour in my bedroom closet.

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