DIY gifts to besties!

Hello gorgeous! I’m so excited to share with you some last minute gift ideas you can make for your friends for Christmas (9 days left)! Making gifts for your girlfriends have so much more meaning than going out to buy things, especially to those ladies who kinda have it all, right? I have 5 DIY’s ill be sharing along with a free printable! I mean seriously — you can even gather around the fire place with hot cocoa (or wine), christmas music in the background, and have your self a crafty Friday night!

Hello, Gorgeous! Gold Foil Wall Art
Gold foil art in so in right now & this make such a cute, thoughtful gift for your bestie! Let her know she’s a gorgeous gal! I made this printable ready for download click here to download. For this DIY all you have to do is buy an 8×10 frame of your choice, print this out, place it in frame, & wrap it up!

“L” Monogram Coffee Mug
Items needed:
Mug (dollar tree)
Gold Permanent Marker (Target)
Letter Stencil (Print out from google)
Once you search for your stencil on google, print it, and cut it out carefully since you will use this as your template to trace.
Tape the stencil to the mug and happy tracing! Remove the stencil once you have outlined the letter and fill in the letter. Then place in oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Let it cool down afterwards.
MMM…Water glass cup
I loooooooove water! So what else do you write on a chalk label? mmm…water, that is! I bought the glass cup with the chalk label already done from the Dollar Tree. This made things even more simple for me, all I had to do was write what I wanted. I used a white permanent chalk marker from Target. This is a nice gift you can give to all your friends with their names written on them. You can fill up the cup with chocolates or other things she may like.
Ceramic Tray
 Items needed: 
Ceramic Tray (Target)
Gold Permanent Marker (Target)
Freely draw circles all over the tray to create the polka dots & then outline the rim of the tray.
Just like the coffee mug, place the tray in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. 
Shine Jewelry Tray
Items needed:
Ceramic Tray (Marshalls)
Black & Gold Permanent Markers (Target)
 I know it can be hard to freely write a word in cute font but good news is if you mess up you can always use alcohol to take it off. Trust me, it took me forever to be content with the way my shine came out.
You can add gold polka dots to one side so it doesn’t look so plain. Place in oven for 30 minutes at 350°F.
3 Tier Jewelry Holder
 Items needed:
Three different size plates (Home dishes or Dollar Tree)
Two Candle holders (Dollar Tree)
Cabinet Handle (Home Depot)
White Semi-Gloss Paint & Primer Paint (Home Depot)
Glue gun (A.C. Moore)
Glue Sticks (A.C. Moore)
 Before you begin, make sure all plates are clean so glue and paint stick on evenly.
You want to begin by placing the biggest plate on a flat surface. Use one of the candle holders to place in the center of the plate. Once your glue has heated up, glue second biggest plate on top of candle holder. Press down firmly to insure plate and candle holder have been glued together.
 Glue second candle holder to the bowl and place last plate on top. When everything is glued you are ready to spray paint!! Paint two coats of white semi-gloss paint + primer.
Once everything is dry (I waited one hour) you are ready to place the cabinet knob on the center of the top plate. The knob gave the whole piece look more expensive, didn’t it?
Happy Crafting – Let me know which piece is your favorite!
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