Why I dyed my hair dark

For awhile, I had been contemplating if I should dye my hair back to my natural dark color. With summer approaching, many voted to keep the highlights when I asked. For some reason spring/summer = light hair right? I totally agree. I’ve always been one to dye my hair dark in the fall and light in the spring.

Having curly hair definitely isn’t easy– that is, if you want healthy looking curls. I felt like I wasn’t taking good care of my hair and my curls started to look dry.  So on top of being lazy and not deep conditioning as much as I should have been, I had to retouch my curls every 2-3 months to keep the color not looking brassy. If you can’t take good care of your curls and you keep dying it, it’ll just make your curls look worse. So I took a leap and dyed my hair dark!

I told myself once I felt like my curls are 100% healthy, I will dye it lighter because I loved the highlights. A few days after dying my hair dark, ugh, I hated it. I am now use to it and have grown to love it again. Ever since I dyed it dark brown, I deep condition at least once a week, twice on a good week. I will continue my protein treatments once every 3-4 months like I have and we shall see how my curls turn out. I do need a trim asap!

I’ve been using this deep conditioner lately and love it!

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