Surprise, I straightened my hair! Ya like? Last time I straightened my hair was for my birthday back in April. Miami’s humidity didn’t allow me to be great because my hair was frizzy all while there. The good thing is that my hair cooperates in DC so my style lasts a little longer. I’m ready for the curls though!

This outfit gives me all the fall vibes. I love incorporating summer pieces into my fall wardrobe. Can you believe this top is actually a romper that I wore here? Yeah, I’ve gained some (good) weight so it’s too short to wear as a romper now. That’s okay though, now it can be warn with skirts like I wore it here.

So you thought about putting your mini skirts away now that it’s fall? No girl. Take advantage of still being able to wear them during the fall. Style mini skirts with over-the-knee-boots on those chillier days or booties on warmer days. I love this feminine flirty look appropriate for the fall. Floral pieces are perfect to transition into fall. I don’t wear much floral but if I do, any pattern that’s not too over the top will do for me. Stick to floral pieces with neutral or darker colors like purples, olive greens, browns, even orange.



Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. Not only has it helped drive traffic to my blog but I have met so many amazing people through it. I’ve also been able to collaborate with brands that without Instagram’s help, I probably wouldn’t know about. For that, I am very grateful.

Having a cohesive feed is very important to me and more appealing to the eye. I want people/brands to visit my Instagram page and automatically see what I blog about or post: style + curly hair.  Personally, I am more likely to follow someone with a clean feed versus someone who is scrambled and not appealing.  This is why I stick to the same filter for all posts.

I do not consider myself an expert in editing pictures but I am more than satisfied with the way I edit my own. I do want to learn more on how to use light room and all those tech-y softwares but until then I’ll stick to the apps I do know.

Apps I use to edit my pictures:

  • iPhone photo edit feature – This isn’t an app but it’s where I begin. From my iphone’s photo edit, I adjust the saturation and temperature of the picture before anything else. Then, I adjust the brightness, shadow, and contrast.
  • Snapseed – I use Snapeed mainly for backgrounds of pictures. When I want my outfit to stand out and there’s too much going on in the back, I just lower the saturation of the picture, until it’s to my desire/white.
  • FaceTune – I use FaceTune for the detail and smooth features.
    • Detail – Use to make any details stand out, like jewelry or a pattern on a clothing piece.
    • Smooth – I use this if I have a visible pimple that decides to say hello, usually during my time OTM! -_-
  • VSCO – I use this to end any edits so each photo has the same filter.
    • Filter I use is J1.

Before & After (Notice how I made the background white so that my outfit could be the focal point of the picture. Then applied the filter J1) HOW SIMPLE?




thanks for reading!

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  • Reply Silvia October 4, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Great outfit! I love all the pieces, and put together they’re even more amazing ❤

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