If there’s one thing I love to shop for, it’s jewelry! I can never have enough; I want all the dainty rings, all the lariat necklaces, all the layering necklaces, the studded earrings, those pretty bracelets, just give it all to me *catches her breath* Seriously, no outfit is ever really complete if you don’t have jewelry to accessorize.

I love displaying my jewelry so it’s easy for me to find what I’m looking for when getting ready. I love when I find small jewelry trays (yay for more room) at places like home goods, tjmaxx, or marshalls, they’re so inexpensive too! I always separate my silvers from gold jewelry and any expensive jewelry is always stored back in its original boxes.

Here’s how I organize my jewelry! You can also shop similar items at the end of this post.

jewelry collection

Shop jewelry trays

jewelry collection

Shop some of my favorite Lariat Necklaces

watches jewelry collection

Shop bracelets

jewelry collection

Shop dainty rings

jewelry collection jewelry collection

Shop earrings

How do you like to display your jewelry? I’d like to know!

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