One Nightstand.

So I’ve had this nightstand for the longest time but never found the time to give it a little makeover. I am not a fan of brown furniture in my room as I like the white shabby chic look. Painting this nightstand was my only option because I was not giving this baby away, I just love the shape of it! I headed over to A.C. Moore and purchased the paint.

1. Clean surface: Completely clean surface so the paint goes on smoothly when you start painting. Note: If your furniture has been painted before you may want to use a paint removal washing formula.

Paint purchased at A.C. Moore – $8 Each

2. Apply Paint Primer: I used both a primer and paint with primer. The primer ensures that the paint coat sticks on smoothly. I applied one coat of the primer and allowed it to dry before applying the second coat of paint + primer.

3. Apply Paint: Once the primer dries, apply your second coat of paint. Be sure to spray paint thin layers of paint to avoid air causing little bubbles. Let the paint dry a little before applying your last coat. I feel that Primer + 2 coats of paint does the job right.

4. Let paint dry: Have patience! Allow time for the paint to dry completely. I don’t mean touching it and your fingers not have paint & you’re ready to use it. I do mean let it dry completely, like 24 hours!!! This way when you place things on top it doesn’t smudge or leave dents. Just to be on the safe side.


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