Happy December babes! Who’s in total holiday mode now? I’ve started my holiday shopping and so ready for all the holiday parties to attend.

I’ve teamed up with Ouidad to share with you a few of my favorite hairstyles that I love to rock! Whether it’s for a holiday party or just a special occasion, these are my top three favorite hairstyles. I try to refrain from applying heat in my hair and whenever I want change, I’ll rock a sleek back pony tail that many think I’ve straighten my hair for, but nope! Keep reading to see how I achieve these looks!


Leaving your hair out can sometimes get boring, especially if you’re like me and that’s kind of your everyday look. I like to switch things up a bit by placing all my hair to one side for more of a romantic look. This also allows me to show off any statement earrings I may be wearing the day/night of the event.


  1. After washing my hair (while still damp), I’ll apply Ouidad’s Feather Light Styling Cream with their Heat & Humidity Gel.
  2. Then I diffuse my hair.
  3. Once my hair is completely dry, I apply a few drops of their Mongongo Oil to my ends.
  4. I place my hair to one side and secure it with bobby pins.
  5. Accessorize with a pair of statement earrings, like these!

Here is an old picture when my hair was lighter rockin’ the same style during the holidays!


If you are wearing more of a statement top or turtleneck, going for a high or low bun is what I suggest. This way your hair isn’t taking away from that beautiful lace top or even sequins top you may be wearing. Above, I’m wearing a lace top so went for a low bun with a side twist. I styled my hair using the Ouidad’s Vitalcurl define and shine styling gel-cream. For this style, you don’t necessarily need your hair to be freshly washed since you’re leaving it up.


  1. Using the Vitalcurl define and shine styling gel-cream, part hair to desired front part. I prefer my part to be more to one side rather than the middle.
  2. Simply twist front of the hair down to one side of ear (I prefer twisting down right).
  3. Gather the rest of your hair to one side and tie making a bun.
  4. Secure with bobby pins. Be sure they are bobby pins specifically for buns, like these.


You can even wear your hair in a high bun if you’re wearing a turtle neck like I did here, last year.


Here is the famous sleek ponytail you’ve seen me wearing on my Instagram stories a lot. Believe it or not, it is not all my hair. It’s a pony-tail attachment, shhhhhh! Because my hair is curly, many may think it’s simply just long when I straighten it. Nope! No heat needed for this look. 😀


  1. Pull your hair back and brush it all out until it’s smooth using Vitalcurl define and shine styling gel-cream
  2. Use Ouidad’s pomade for extra hold/flyaways.
  3. Place hair in a bun & using the hairspray, spray your hair. You want to be sure your hair looks as sleek as the ponytail.
  4. Attach the ponytail to your bun and fasten it using the string (better instructions on package).

I love rocking this look especially when I have a last minute event to go to or simply don’t have time for a wash ‘n go.


For healthy hydrated hair, it’s very important to deep condition. I love using treatments after washing my hair twice a week. Also, massaging your scalp with oil nightly is great to stimulate hair growth and making sure hair is always moisturized.

I would love to see if you recreate any of these looks! If you post on your Instagram, please tag me! 😀

This post is sponsored by Preen.ME & Ouidad. All opinions are my own.

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