IMG_9984Hey curlfriends! I’ve been using Jane Carter’s new line, healthy hair and my curls have been loving it! As some of you know, I lightened my hair back in March and recently had it retouched so anything moisturizing for my hair is much needed. I love that this line caters to dry, damaged, and colored treated hair. Even though I don’t think my hair is damaged per say, I do dye and use heat sometimes so anything that caters to “damaged hair” means it’ll be moisturizing. Who doesn’t love that extra moisture?

Healthy Hair was designed for dry, curly, damaged or compromised hair. There is a daily and overnight regimen to repair and restore your dry hair, as well as products that provide heat protection. All products are safe on color treated hair. It’s the perfect combination of conditioning, smoothing and protection to maintain the delicate moisture balance required for healthy, vibrant hair.”

If you are starting your curly hair journey this line is ideal for you. Head over to my Instagram (@beyondhercurls) account for a chance to win the whole healthy hair line & tell your curlfriends. I will announce the winner July 22, 2016 around 12pm.

These are the products I use in the shower. IMG_9994Detox Shampoo –  On days my hair has a lot of build up from products, I’ll use the detox shampoo. I love how good it smells and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.

Cleansing & Conditioning Co-Wash – This stuff *hands up emoji* I love! The slip is amazing and it smells so good, left my hair soft and clean. I co wash twice a week so use this instead of shampoo all the time.

Revive & Repair –  After cleansing my hair, I follow up with this hair masque. I leave it in for about 10 mins while in the shower and rinse out with cold water. I used it with the few drops of the Complex oil as recommended which worked out great for me.

I’m ready for styling!IMG_9971After I get out of the shower, while my hair is still soaking wet, I like to apply my styling products. I start with the Styling Smoother, I rake the product evenly throughout my hair until my whole head is covered with the product. This product really promises the frizz free. It’s been humid in DC and my hair hasn’t been too frizzy even on hot days while using this stuff.

I then apply the Replenish & Repair Oil only to my ends, as it is my driest part of my hair. I also don’t want the oil to weigh my hair down which is why I only apply it to the ends/driest parts. The styling smoother does enough for me. I finish with applying a little bit of a gel for hold and let my hair air dry for 30 minutes before I start diffusing. 🙂

As recommended, before my slumber party (alone lol) I’ll apply the Slumber Party Creamy Leave-in Conditioner all over my hair, scrunch, and wrap it in a satin scarf. I love the results when I wake up the next day. I’ve been able to go 4 days with revived curls and very much happy!

If you try these products, let me know how you liked them! 🙂 Have a fab week!

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