Set your Tone post-workout

Happy Friday dolls! What is everyone getting into this long July 4th weekend? I’m excited to be able to relax with my family and friends eating great like always! All the “eating clean” never applies on holiday weekends for me. There’s to much good food around to not indulge, right? Plus, getting back on your grind right after is just as okay! Just don’t get lazy. 😛

Leaving my house in the morning you can call me the bag lady, my days are crazy busy. I carry my purse, my work/blog tote bag, my lunch bag, and my gym bag. Leaving my house around 7am and not returning until 9pm can be a little overwhelming, especially when you have things to do after work – like workout! I like to be sure I have everything I need with me.

So after work, my happy hour is the gym. 😀 Working out helps release stress for me while clearly keeping me fit. Being sweaty after the gym and driving home like that is not ideal for me, I prefer to shower at the gym right after. That’s why I’m sure I always carry my Tone body wash (and don’t forget an extra pair of panties). The packaging is cute and all but the smell of the body wash is everything!

You know when you’re on vacation at a nice resort and after spending the day by the beach and swim-up bars you’re ready to shower? You go inside your hotel room to shower and come out feeling so refreshed and relaxed? That’s the exact feeling I get after a bomb workout and showering with the Brazilian Glam body wash. Then, I am ready to unwind on my couch while I sip on some tea.

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This post was sponsored by Tone Skin Care. All opinions are my own.

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